Life on Earth is the Screenplay inspired by the short film 'The Online Date'

LIFE ON EARTH: Pitch By Jimmy Matlosz

Life on Earth: adapted from the short film: 'The Online Date' (directed and written by Jimmy Matlosz) Is a Sci-fi, independent self-discovery feature film. Inspired by ‘Close Encounters’, ‘Into the Wild’, and ‘Arrival’ . The film is set in Los Angeles and North Idaho, with limited need for complex VFX. The protagonist, Keith, is an interior design architect and a workaholic. He once had a life of adventure and a girlfriend, but all that has been left behind for his business.  Currently all of his jobs are behind schedule, which leads Keith to work long hours and forgo any real Life. Jordan, his business partner, the voice of reason in his life and Manzo, a former Marine with the sarcastic, bro-humor dialect to prove it, support Keith and his business.

Chynna is the woman who will change Keith's life, she is intelligent, beautiful and exotic and perhaps the distraction he needs.

The sexual tension is palpable, however Chynna is a hybrid alien species from another planet, which makes it ‘complicated’. Chynna really likes Keith, so she has him abducted, not to another planet, but the deep forest of North Idaho, where aliens have settled years ago. During the abduction Keith experiences an awakening, which unlocks his brains potential. He discovers his intellect and his own special skills have been accelerated, but Keith's main focus, as would anyone being abducted is to escape. He utilizes his survival skills to do just that, until Chynna tracks him down, perhaps he is an alien experiment after all. But Chynna offers to help him on his path back home. Through this adventure, he starts to realize the bigger picture of 'life', the gifts he has, and his attraction to this complicated woman and ultimately to take a moment and enjoy it all.

With some clever bro-humor to build the characters, and an unconventional story arc, this film is really about discovering our greater purpose and who we really are. It grapples with relations between 'different' people, and ponders if Keith used his survival skills to survive or if he actually fell for this other-worldly woman.  In the end, the story contemplates that life is not all work. We should stop, reflect and realize these gifts that we have are ours and we have the power to create our own lives and enjoy.



It was during the editing and post process of the short film, ‘The Online Date’, that the idea began to flourish, along with some studies in eastern philosophy and some new courses in meditation, the realization occurred that there is a bigger picture here. It is said that some things, thoughts and ideas come into our lives for the right reason at the right time. As Jimmy dug deeper he discovered an earthbound fascination with otherworldly aliens here on earth, fantasy driven at that, and supported by millions of people.  As The screenplay began to unfold, that research expanded to books and stories as far back as the 50's, tales and stories can be found all over the planet and now populating the internet, of Aliens living amongst us. Jimmy had his own theories and thoughts, some based on research, many others based on logical deduction and theoretical science. But not wanting to be too entrenched in science and the subjective interest of it, Jimmy chose to keep the story human and grounded in humanity. In the end it's a complicated, unrequited love story, a tale of self-discovery, with a science fiction backdrop dappled with theories of nuero-plasticity and the affects of magnetic force space travel. There is plenty of humor, human emotion and experience to entice the non sci-fi enthusiast, while the backdrop of sci-fi and sciences should keep those enthusiasts wanting more.

Life on Earth, is a tale of reflection, a chance for the viewer to ponder, to consider, why don't I ''LIVE" anymore?



When researching ‘the best sci-fi films’, again and again, it is the 'thinking man’s sci-fi' that has the longest run and test of time. With the success of ‘Arrival’,  Jimmy knew he was on to something with the concept for Life on Earth. The goal is to create a film with a tone and story line that people can relate to, that makes the viewer wonder and think, WOW, I can believe that, and if nothing else we hope to entertain again and again.


(Additionally and anymore, sci-fi has become massive destruction and the romance of ultra-violence, films that start with a premise, but then degrade into a battle that destroys everything and anything in its path, interchangeable VFX and plots. Why is it that everyone wants to destroy the planet and everyone with it?) this will soon change and hopefully from that wreckage dawns more thinking man's sci-fi.

By no accident Life on Earth has no violence, not a single gun, and a female lead character, which is strong, complex, complicated and intelligent. By making a Sci-fi film, you already entice the Sci-fi viewer, by adding in a strong female character and romance you entice the non Sci-fi viewer, increasing the number of viewers. At the core of Life on Earth, is that question. Are we really living if we work 24/7?, Are aliens living amongst us? Are they living a better life than we are?